Club announcement – August 2021

Dear members,

Sadly, I have to announce that after a long period of trying to recommence our diving sessions, Bedford Eagles Diving Club will not be returning to diving.

Since our time away a number of the clubs’ volunteer coaches have not been able to return to the club or have retired. As such, we no longer have a sufficient coaching staff to continue to offer diving sessions to our members.

I would like to thank all our members for their commitment to the club and I hope they have enjoyed their time diving with us. Also, I would like to thank all our coaches and committee members for their time and contribution to the running of the club, all of which has been provide on a voluntary basis. 

We have looked into the alternative diving options available to member:

Fusion currently runs a Learn to Dive programme at Robinson’s pool

The next closest diving clubs are 
Luton –
Cambridge –

We are do hope that member will continue to enjoy diving and the skills that they have developed with us over the years. 

Kind regards

Alex Revell
Bedford Eagles Diving Club Secretary

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